Climate Change Communication Toolkit

Climate Change related Resources and Tools

Human actions and choices have resulted in climate change. The impacts of Climate Change can manifest through disturbances in natural balance of the earth’s physical phenomena like rainfall, temperature, weather patterns, etc. resulting in unforeseen effects on human health, biodiversity and expectedly on the future generations.

The need therefore is to stimulate action at all levels to tackle this problem of climate change. The international community has been debating on this shared responsibility for more than a decade. The term Climate Change (CC) has been in the media for long and impacts of CC has been communicated to various stakeholders. However, while it comes to actioning most of it is limited to scientific communities. While there are some resources which have been created to spread awareness on CC and related issues most of it has its origin in the developed world.

In the Indian context there is very little which has been talked about addressing the common man. In order to make an impact on addressing CC impacts there is need for a concerted effort from various stakeholders. For this purpose, creating awareness and dissemination of information is of prime importance.

Considering that Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) has one of the highest population density and represents a population mix from both urban and rural setup, a Program was conceived by the Environmental Management Centre LLP with support from Mumbai Metropolitan Region - Environment Improvement Society (MMR-EIS) to create resources and tools aimed at the following stakeholders:

  • Policy makers
  • Citizens
  • School and College students
  • Business Organizations (Industrial and Commercial)

These communication resources and tools have been named as Climate Change related Resources and Tools(CCRT).

The resources and tools available for trainers and communicators include:

Factsheets Presentations
Posters Stickers
CC Calendar children's Activity Booklet
Youth Resource guide Online-Carbon footprint Calculators (for adults and kids)
Map of CC related institutions (in MMR region)  

Tools such as climate change calendar, stickers, carbon footprint calculator are designed for all stakeholders whereas; children’s activity book, youth resource guide, NAPCC booklet are targeted towards schools-colleges and policy makers respectively. Tools such as factsheets, posters, carbon foot print calculators and presentations are customised to suit the requirements of specific stakeholders.

A communication strategy has been developed to guide the stakeholders and the resource persons on using the various resources effectively. This can be accessed from the following link.
Climate Change Communication using the CCRT

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