Water Conservation

  • The current demand for the MMR region has been estimated at 8316 MLD, of which only 6222 MLD have been made available. There is a deficit of 2094 MLD of water in MMR
  • Mumbai reports losses of about 35 - 45 % of water through leakages.

Make Every Drop Count

  • Ensure the water tap is not running if not in use
  • Install water saving faucets¬†
  • Ensure there are no pipe leaks
  • Run your washing at ¬†full loads
  • Dry your clothes under sunlight
  • Install rain water harvesting systems

"Water is the driving force in nature."
-Leonardo Da Vinci
March 2023
21 : World Forest Day
22 : World Water Day
23 : World Meteorological Day

Conceived and Developed by:
Environmental Management Centre EMC LLP for Mumbai Metropolitan Region - Environment Improvement Society