Renewable Energy

  • There will be a three fold increase in carbon emission after four decades if the present rate of electricity consumption and vehicles continued to be used in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • A recent study by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute has projected that in 2051, carbon dioxide emissions in residential areas are likely to go up to 51 million tonne compared to the current 15 million. Similarly, carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles is likely to increase to 81 lakh tonne from the current 37 lakh

Let Nature Power You

  • Use natural daylight and focus lighting 
  • Install solar water heaters in place of electrical geysers

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.
-Wendell Berry
January 2022
14 - 31 : Animal Welfare Fortnight
15 - 31 : Oil and Gas Conservation Fortnight
30 : National Cleanliness Day

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Environmental Management Centre EMC LLP for Mumbai Metropolitan Region - Environment Improvement Society