This Children's Calculator will give your Carbon Grade and Carbon Performance based on your response to a few easy questions.

All you have to do is answer these questions on your everyday activities, habits and choices, and knowledge.

Unlike other Carbon Footprint Calculators, this calculator will not compute the GHG emissions due to your actions.

An honest answer will help you know how your choice of transport, the way you use electronic and electric appliances, your 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) habits and your awareness could influence your Carbon Grade.
Tell us about you

Tell us how you reach your school daily

Tell us more about your habits at home...
How you use Electricity

  1. If no one is watching TV at home
  2. I watch TV for about
  3. I use the computer or laptop for about
Tell us some more about your habits at home...
How you use Electricity

  1. After I pick up something to eat from the fridge, I generally
  2. When my mom / dad / guardian gives
    a hot drink or hot food
  3. When lights or fans or air-conditioners
    are on in an empty room, I usually
Do you Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?
  1. When I go to the market
    to buy something, I would
  2. When things I use break,
  3. When my good clothes
    wear out,
  4. When throwing away waste
    like food, paper and plastics,
  5. For stationary items like
    notebooks, charts,
    textbooks etc.,
Tell us how much you know about climate friendly habits
  1. For travelling in vehicles, the most climate-friendly fuel is
  2. For lighting up my home, I should avoid using
  3. To save maximum money on electricity bills,
    Air Conditioners (ACs) and Fridges used should have
Tell us some more
how much you know about climate friendly habits

  1. For heating water for a bath, I should prefer using
  2. While using water for brushing and cleaning, I should
  3. For food waste I should avoid doing the following

Please complete all inputs
before proceeding further.
Are you ready to get your
Carbon Report Card?

  • Carbon Grade is based on the practices followed by you in your daily activities related to transport, use of electronic and electrical appliances, and 3R.

    In order to arrive at the carbon grade your Carbon Performance is assessed, which is based on whether your daily activities emit comparatively low GHGs or not.

    Carbon Performace is related to the Carbon Grade as below.

    Carbon Grade Carbon Performance
    F Very Poor
    D Poor
    C Bad
    B Fair
    B+ Good
    A Very Good
    A+ Excellent


Although the calculations and recommendations given in this calculator are presented in good faith and believed to be correct, Environment Management Center (EMC) LLP encourages the users to treat the results as indicative and not exact.
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Environmental Management Centre EMC LLP
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