This Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator will help you to get a rough “ballpark” carbon footprint based on your response to 10 easy queries. The queries relate to a few carbon intensive activities in your everyday life.

When you are done with the queries get some quick tips on reducing your footprint.

The calculator has been designed specifically for the residents of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and considers the general lifestyle choices available to the citizens in the MMR.
The calculator estimates the Carbon Footprint Index (CFI) and Carbon Footprint (CFP). To understand CFI and CFP click on the CFP Basics on the right panel.

An honest answer will help you know your footprint and how your lifestyle choices could influence the same.

Let’s start with your name...

The calculator uses your name to generate a personalised certificate of your emissions. The Calculator does not record this information.
The queries posed here are related to where you live,
how many people you live with and your power consumption.
  1. sq. ft.
The queries posed here are related to the type of vehicles you choose
to travel in for your daily commute and holidays.

  1. Select the mode(s) of transport you use for daily commute.

      My Daily Commute Select at least one
    Big Car
    Small Car
    Auto Rickshaw - Daily Fare

    In a month, I work for
  2. Select the mode of transport you prefer to use.
    Enter the average distance travelled per trip (both ways).

    Also enter the number of such trips per year.
      My Recreational Travel
The queries posed here are related to the type of fuel you use for cooking.

Select at least one
  1. How often do you buy LPG cylinders for cooking?

  2. If you use piped gas,
    what does your monthly bill come to?
The queries posed here are related to a few low-carbon activities
you may pursue in your everyday life to maintain a low-carbon lifestyle:

Do you follow any of the following Low Carbon Practices ? Choose YES or NO
  1.   Car Pooling
    I car-pool with Passengers.
  2. Use of energy efficient electrical appliances
    such as CFLs

Tons of CO2 equivalent per year

CFP Index
1.4 is the National Average Carbon Footprint for India
Your Carbon Footprint is  than that of an average Indian.
    Some useful tips to lead a low carbon lifestyle:
  • You should switch to energy efficient retrofits such as CFLs and BEE star rated appliances.
  • You should switch to a solar-based water heater.
  • Your transport choices are high-carbon.
    You should therefore consider shifting from private vehicles to public modes of transportation.
  • You should segregate wet waste and compost it at your residence.
Please complete all inputs
before proceeding further.
Are you ready to see your
Carbon Performance?
  • CFP Index (CFPI) is calculated considering specific intensity of GHG emissions e.g. per km of travel, per sq. m. of residential area etc. A low carbon footprint intensity (CFPI) along with a low personal carbon footprint (CFP) means that you are "climate friendly".

    Personal Carbon Footprint (CFP) considers the GHG emissions from activities pertaining to the day to day personal life of an individual such as electricity use, transportation, cooking and waste generation.
    The sum of GHG emission from these activities over a year, measured in units of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), is his/her "personal carbon footprint".


Although the calculations and recommendations given in this calculator are presented in good faith and believed to be correct, Environment Management Center (EMC) LLP encourages the users to treat the results as indicative and not exact.
Conceived and Developed by :
Environmental Management Centre EMC LLP
for Mumbai Metropolitan Region - Environment Improvement Society MM-REIS